Connector Beth

Non-profit professional. Care deeply about family, friends and community. Love to problem-solve. Love to laugh. Love to read. Love to learn.


My name is Beth Forkner Moe; I generally go by Beth (my siblings often call me “BF”; their kiddos sometimes call me “Bethie,” and some of my aunts still call me Elizabeth. And that’s ok.). Any of these names work for me.

The descriptor of my blog is the same as my Twitter profile; that’s no accident. I was very deliberate in writing the Twitter profile, and I am confident it’s an accurate description. For much of my adult, professional life, people have called me “Connector Beth.” I love to connect people with other people, people with resources and make connections whenever possible.

This blog – the first one I have undertaken – is something I am very excited about. If you read its descriptor, you will know what I want to focus on…. I want to write about the things I love and am passionate about, such as family, friendships, relationships, and various issues that affect people no matter who they are.

What else do you need to know about me? Oh, yeah – I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a minor in English writing from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (why, yes, that’s just across the river from Fargo). I have more than two decades’ experience working in the human service non-profit environment, using my background and skills to advocate for people who struggle financially, educationally, or otherwise. During that time, I have also assisted many non-profit organizations as they have worked to provide the best services possible for the clients they support.

I have a deep love of public relations and the ability that has to give voice to those we have an obligation to care for. And, finally, I believe that today’s forms of public communication allow us to share information and knowledge more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


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