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Ready for a New Book in the Library of Life

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Today we reached page 365, the last one of Volume 2015. I, for one, am ready to shut this particular book and put it away for good. It wasn’t particularly well-written, and some of the subplots pushed the edge of credulity. Many of the chapters were heart-breaking, soul-numbing and filled with unwelcome surprises.

There were, of course, many sweet paragraphs scattered throughout the book. Some of them were known ahead of time and a significant number were unexpected; the unanticipated ones, in particular, brought so much joy I re-read them many times over.

The themes were similar during the chapters: love, loss, family, grief and growth. Any and all of those can be – and were – bittersweet.

I didn’t want to read a lot of the pages – much less some of the chapters – but I did, plowing through them with determination. I completed the book, and am much stronger and wiser for it. My heart has stretchmarks as I review the book on the last page of this volume.

Tomorrow is the first page of a brand new book. There’s nothing better: the fresh pages, the knowledge that there are complete new stories and plots waiting for us, the anticipation of not knowing what’s to come.

I know there will be unexpected surprises written in Volume 2016, as there are in every book in this library of life. My hope is that most of them are joyful, and that the difficult ones are well-written enough they are at least readable.

For those traveling the journey with me in Volume 2016, my wish for you is that you have the grace, strength and courage to read it fully and thoroughly, reveling in the knowledge that we are all in this huge book club together.

Peace to all of you, my fellow readers.





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  1. Very Good. I like it!

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